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The Set Point for the Week – Part 7

Posted by Amy Lynch on May 11, 2023

“Once a week, have a meeting about the rules of the game.”    ~ Michael E. Gerber, The E Myth

Many of you are trying to build and grow thriving businesses. I applaud you and want to help; that’s why I write this blog. As you develop your set-point meeting, I thought it might be helpful to see the minutes of an actual, working Ops Meeting:

Operations Meeting – Good Morning All!


First, a riddle for you:  What starts with T, ends with T, and has T in it?


Good News – Good weather coming for the next few days so they can continue the exterior work!


Report Cards:

  • 23 Reports Cards in



Inbound Jobs

Last Week was great with 95 leads rolling in

100 Estimates scheduled this week!


Revenue Goal:

Final numbers for Sept

October MTD:

November outlook:

December outlook:  filling up

Year to date: on pace for the biggest revenue year to date.      Current record is 2019


Feet on the Street FOS & Hiring

FOS goal: 98

Hired: 104

October to date  RFOS = 95, 5 new employees scheduled to start in the next few weeks


Upcoming Events:

Oktoberfest this Friday 10/14!

Flu and Covid Shots will be available – bring your insurance card

Family and friends welcome and Prizes!!

Bates Motel  – 10/22 @ 7:00pm  Kids must be at least 14yo.

Reindeer Romp – committee has met and planning is underway!

This is the Christmas party – 3 hours of PTO, Spoiler alert: giving out nice employee jackets!


Start Time Changes:

Daylight savings time ends soon (Sunday, Nov 6th!) – start time for exteriors will shift to 7:30 in next week or so


Semi Gloss Testing

…AND the winner is: SW Emerald Urethane – better resistance, hardness, curing and adhesion

NP will be bulk purchasing this product for use on all interior trim

22 people participated in the testing


Company Meetings:

Company wide: Oct 20 –  Next Thursday 4:00

Q4 Meetings and Planning starting to get scheduled – for teams only starting 10/27 – agendas to come



One near miss – considered an act of God:

2 employees painting a shed when a large limb (10” diameter) fell onto shed and punctured a hole in it

Fortunately, no one was injured!

KN added: One employee had a hiking accident and is having surgery this week – send well wishes!


Breakouts: Going through P2 (Painter 2) Levels from the Learning Paths:  Staining/Stucco repair/Decks

Team Breakout Agenda:

10/5/2022 10/12/2022 10/19/2022 10/26/2022
Liquid Mask Staining Front Door Sheetrock / Carpentry Repairs Staining Fiberglass Doors
Drywall Taping & Spackling Advanced Stucco Repair Diagnosing Paint Failure Equipment Troubleshooting
Complete Spray of House Decks Casement Windows Using a Chicken Hook








In a breakout, one team reviews one Learning Path to ensure that the content and the steps are accurate, logical, sequential, and complete. For example, the Whizz Kids team discussed the Learning Path to master the staining of a front door with sidelights. The group might point out useful tools that do not appear on the slide or argue if the product pictured is still the best offering on the market. The team leader gathers the feedback for the tech person to modify.

Sales/MGMT/ and admin staff

Scheduling and staging discussion



Field Supervisors ran through their jobs with updates on work and payments


This Weeks Reporting Order


  1. Woodchucks
  2. Elite Team
  3. G-Force
  4. Whizz Kids
  5. Thunder


Answer: A teapot.

Have a great Wednesday!

You can do it, too. Build muscle. See you Monday.

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