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The Set Point for the Week – Part 4

Posted by Amy Lynch on May 1, 2023

Five field managers. Five reports. Five minutes each. Done.

Since the pandemic, the Operations Meeting has become a Zoom meeting. It is still on Wednesdays at 6, but we’re all on Zoom. Typically, we have 50+ people on the call. We often have guests on the call, from all over the country, since we also have a consulting company. I offer folks an opportunity to come in on the Zoom call and be a fly on the wall. It makes us uphold a high standard.

We always work off of an agenda! In earlier years, I used to go off script and talk about things that were not on the agenda (and was usually sorry for it). It’s always good to prepare when you have to present to people, and that’s a good feeling. Nevertheless, I admit to being nervous before the meeting, but I’m in the moment.

Field Managers’ Weekly Reporting Format

Each field manager has between 10 and 40 projects going. This is a wide range, but jobs vary greatly in size. Every manager uses a spreadsheet to share the following information regarding each job:

  • what jobs they are currently doing
  • how many hours are completed
  • how many hours are still needed
  • when they think they’ll finish
  • what deposits have been made
  • when they expect to get paid next, and how much

Five field managers. Five reports. Five minutes each. Done.

Even on Zoom at 6 am, it’s still exciting (and way more effective from a time-money standpoint). Because of our huge territory we used to have folks driving from an hour away to get to the in-person meetings; now, they attend from the comfort of home. The session moves fast and is over in less than an hour. Zoom rules apply – no driving, camera on, audio on mute.

Do things your way, but do them well.

Build muscle. See you Thursday.

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