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The Set Point for the Week – Part 3

Posted by Amy Lynch on April 27, 2023
Kevin Nolan Speaking

What’s the Point?

There is coffee, doughnuts, and fruit, but I skip them. Nearly 25 people gather in our conference room, so I run the meeting standing up. I can be entertaining. I might tell a joke or mention something from the news. When the laughter dies down, we get to the good stuff.

  1. I read all the report cards (job feedback notes) that came in that week; I am good at it! I read the report cards fluently and enthusiastically because I prepare by reading them the night before and then again that morning. I enjoy calling out some special customer service that occurred. It’s generally very upbeat and a bit like a performance!
  2. The monthly goals are next, so we detail what happened last month – how much profit we made or lost. I also tell them how many phone calls we received regarding new work during the week and how much work we have lined up.
  3. The following topic is Feet on the Street. It’s about who is joining and who’s leaving the company.
  4. After that, we cover safety issues and any other upcoming events.
  5. Finally, our folks can sign up to volunteer for community events or things we’re doing just for fun. All these things are called my ‘announcements,’ and I try to wrap it all up in 15 minutes.

After the announcements, we come to the ‘reports.’

I want a good meeting that conveys meaningful information so that everybody leaves feeling good after it is over. I knew I wanted to hear about the current jobs in real time but didn’t know how to make that happen. Luckily, my brother Brian did! He said, “That’s simple. Just train everybody to follow a reporting format. Make sure only one person talks at a time, and make certain people don’t have sidebars.” That’s what we do!

More about the reports on Monday. Build muscle.

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