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The Customer Focus Series

Posted by Amy Lynch on August 3, 2023

Make it stick!

Marketing efforts are important, but they have to be built upon something real. To have staying power, these initiatives need to stick to something good. For me, that something is our Nolan Painting Promise. Our reputation is based on it.

The Nolan Painting Promise

We will start and finish on time. We will maintain a neat, clean project. We will handle all the details. We will stand behind our work and pledge an assurance of high quality.

We differentiate ourselves from our competition when we publish those words and live them out. When I say, “We’re not happy unless you’re happy,” I mean it.

Make a promise and mean it.

When our people fulfill our Promise, we celebrate them! At all company meetings, we thank employees for their outstanding customer service. Then, we read some Google reviews and company report cards that demonstrate how well they did. We love it when a customer mentions one of our people by name, because we give them a gift card for a free lunch. Our people can tell how much we value customer service as a company and as a management team. We spend lots of time telling customer success stories, reading reviews aloud, and emphasizing how important it is to us.

We talk about jobs that are finished with happy customers and completed under budget. But of the two, we value happy customers the most!

We have made customer service the highest priority.

For these reasons, we are the first choice for most consumers and can charge more money per hour than our competitors. In addition, we can attract the type of customer we want because of our strong company brand and promise.

Whatever you do, do it well. Make promises you can keep and then actually keep them! Keeping your promises makes you very strong.

Build muscle. See you in a week.

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