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The Customer Focus Series – Part 8

Posted by Amy Lynch on July 27, 2023

Does price or emotion determine the evoked set?

We want to be the evoked set—a set of one.

The Evoked Set

Customers often scan the marketplace and get three estimates when they need a painter. The contractors that come to consumers’ minds when they need a product or service make up the evoked set. We want to be one of those three. But, in the best-case scenario, they call just one company—Nolan Painting. We hope they call us because they heard good things about us from a friend, met us at a community event, or read an article about how we run our business.

Price Versus Emotion

Lots of contractors complain that customers only consider price when they hire. If all other factors are equal, this is a fair deciding factor. They should choose and hire based only on price.

Yet, everyone knows that we don’t do everything based only on price. People choose a car or a piece of clothing based on their feelings and desires; price often has little to do with the choice. Lots of emotion is built into the buying experience, especially when people are in their homes. They will pay more for better quality and a better experience.

Be Recognizable

When looking for a contractor, customers search their world, ask friends, and look at some Google reviews. We aim to appear first, second, or third in a Google search and be recognized as the brand we’ve created. People will choose a company they have heard good things about and recognize. That is the power of reputation. Reputation is a strong muscle; I’ll talk more about reputation and promises next time.

Till then, build muscle. See you next week.

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