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The Customer Focus Series – Part 5

Posted by Amy Lynch on July 6, 2023
  • Friendly From Start to Finish

Start friendly and end friendly. Let’s finish up the Five Rules of Friendliness with numbers four and five today. So far, we have hit one through three:

The Five Rules of Friendliness

  1. Look the customer in the eye and use their name in a sentence when  introducing yourself.
  2.  The follow-up is to do the same thing on day two.
  3.  Set the right tone.

Today we continue by looking our customers in the eye and asking them if we can do anything to improve this job or their experience. From the beginning, I realized that this is what customers wanted. I say that confidently because we have attracted so many.

So rule #4 is: Look them in the eye and ask how you can improve.

Of course, they certainly want a quality paint job. There are lots of people that promise to deliver that, and I’m sure many do. There is a lot more to it than that though! Quality is required, no doubt.

 But it’s how we do the excellent work that customers remember!

We always look for customer approval. It’s our number one focus to satisfy the customer. Even if they’re not nice and friendly, we always are. In those cases, we will satisfy them, finish the job, and move on. If they were too difficult, mean, or unwilling to play by fair rules, we might not work for this customer again. (By the way, never tell a customer they’re difficult. That frame of mind does not help you get through tough jobs. Instead, tell yourself, “After I please this customer to the best of my ability, I will move on to another, happier customer.”)

Rule #5 is: Do quality work in a friendly manner.

Those are the Five Rules of Friendliness. Friendly from start to finish. Follow these rules or something similar that makes sense in your business.

Build muscle. See you next week.


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