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The Customer Focus Series

Posted by Amy Lynch on September 21, 2023
Nolan in the Neighborhood

Doing Well by Doing Good

Our community-based marketing efforts take us to 100 or more events a year! Local team sponsorships cost a few hundred dollars to $1,000 each, but every sponsorship gets our logo on the back of the team shirts. We’ve learned that our presence and our popcorn make people remember us.

Community-based marketing is worth it!

By 2015, we had been doing this for many years. That’s when we hired Scott, a marketing consultant, to help us put some supporting structure under our community-based marketing efforts. Scott came up with the phrase Nolan in the Neighborhood. The idea was to market our community outreach under a new name, Nolan in the Neighborhood, and to develop a new logo, tagline, and a pledge.

Nolan In The Neighborhood – Doing Well by Doing Good.

The pledge was to give away one million dollars to local, community-based organizations over the course of ten years. It has been a tremendous success! The benefits are amazing. Public relations articles are written about us. We win community awards and even gain employees who join us because they wish to work for a company that gives back. Following these events, we often receive extra phone calls for new business.

Community-based marketing: It is all good.

Consider how your team can give back. You’ll gain something, too. Build muscle. See you next week when I’ll share one more idea about this.

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