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The Customer Focus Series

Posted by Amy Lynch on September 14, 2023
Nolan Painting

Community-based Marketing?

I love what giving back to the community does for our company. In a geographical area, everyone shares a common unity around their schools, organizations, clubs, hospitals, charities, etc. We set ourselves apart if we can find ways to endear ourselves emotionally to our current and future customers.

It’s called community-based marketing.

Initially, I would sponsor a golf outing, Little League team, soccer club, or a 5K. However, I’m an avid runner, so supporting 5K’s soon became my favorite way to connect with the community, meet people, and make Nolan Painting look like a big deal.

To be a big company, you had to act like one. (So I never acted like a small company.) My team shows up at an event and brings Gatorade, water, and fresh popcorn. We also give out our famous running gloves if it’s chilly or high-quality water bottles if it’s warm. We pay a few dollars more for decent merchandise, and folks come up to our table to get it. We engage them in friendly conversation. No sales pitch. We don’t take names to solicit them later. We are just friendly people, all supporting the same cause. It becomes an emotional connection that leads to good business in the future.

It’s about giving back with community-based marketing.

Also, the people love our popcorn! After a 5K, salty popcorn really hits the spot. I sometimes call it popcorn marketing. Popcorn, canola oil, and salt. That’s it— in a white paper bag with a logo on it. It says, “Please recycle this bag or return it for 10% off your next paint job.” I don’t like to be a discounter, but I’m willing to give 10% off to anybody at those events. Generally, they are the kind of people I want to work for.

Find your community’s version of popcorn marketing. Giving back is a popular muscle. More about this next week. See you then.

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