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The Customer Focus Series

Posted by Amy Lynch on November 16, 2023
Kevin Nolan by Nolan Painting Van

Lawsuits? Nope. Nuh-uh. No Way.

Lawsuits are no way to resolve issues. We know this.

It’s tough because pride gets wrapped up in all this when we believe we’ve been wronged, yet when it’s pride versus the cost of going through that process—it’s just not worth it! It’s never going to be worth it.

Pride vs. Lawsuit

I’ve been to court once, and it was a three-year ordeal. I had heard about the job for a while and knew it was a problem. The customer wasn’t paying a second deposit (per the contract) for a $60,000 paint job, so we eventually left the job site. They said our work was lousy and we disagreed. We were willing to accommodate almost any request. In leaving, I was forcing the issue: make a payment, or we won’t keep working. They sued us. 

It took three years to settle the case, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees. We finally settled for a return of their deposit money! I’ll say it again: lawsuits are no way to resolve issues.

You have to negotiate your way out of tricky situations.

This is how to solve problems. If you can negotiate a rate, you and the customer can be satisfied and relieved that you have reached an agreeable conclusion to the relationship. Move on.

Move on and build muscle with someone else! See you next week

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