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The Customer Focus Series

Posted by Amy Lynch on November 9, 2023

Just Like Neosporin

You know that stuff, Neosporin. It solves everything and heals almost every sore. Communication is just like Neosporin! That’s our one thought for today, folks! Short and very sweet.

Yes, we have problems, but we train our job leaders to communicate proactively in all these troubles. This solves the difficulty and heals the sore most of the time.

If the customer points something out, our job leaders talk about it with them, and they take care of it immediately. That’s a no-brainer. Don’t wait. The customer will worry and think you forgot, so jump on it directly. 

Communicate with the customer! 

We tell them what we will do in a normal situation and when there’s a problem. Then, we repeat the whole thing. We promise to do a final inspection and let them do a last review; customers find this reassuring! 

That kind of communication from a supervisor or field manager will make the customer feel at ease. That’s what we’re trying to achieve— making them comfortable and happy.

When in doubt, communicate. More is better.

Communication is a serious strength-builder. Build muscle. See you next week.

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