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The Customer Focus Series

Posted by Amy Lynch on October 19, 2023

Two Nuggets for the Nasty

We are still talking about difficult customers. It’s sad but worth it, because these troublesome folks can have a nasty impact on morale. Today I’ll offer two helpful nuggets that have been a balm to me in dealing with disagreeable clients.  

Intelligent Neglect

I picked up this useful concept along the way and have used it effectively, but you must be careful! Intelligent neglect is a strategy which intentionally and thoughtfully ignores contact from a known, demanding customer. The goal is that they fade off the scene because they don’t get a response. If they do, great, we won. But, if they don’t, they must be engaged carefully and with documentation. (See the script from last week, Sept. 21st.)

A Compartmentalized Attitude

You must compartmentalize it when things don’t go well. You cannot get all worked up about it, because it is probably not personal. Take time to remember all the good reviews and good customers first (actually do this!), and then deal with the current, negative situation without getting stressed and worked up. It’s easy for me to say that now, after I have lived this way and benefited from this approach to attitude for so long. It wasn’t always second nature.

Even though it sometimes feels personal, you can’t take it personally. I’ll say that again; you cannot take things personally. So, you decide you won’t let this dictate how you feel about other people or customers. You’re going to be positive to the next person. Move on.

Intelligent neglect and a compartmentalized attitude are strength-building tools that require practice. Start today! Build muscle. See you next week.

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