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Structure: Build Muscle on Strong Bones – Part 9

Posted by Amy Lynch on April 6, 2023

Incentivize Learning!

Let’s keep talking about Learning Paths because honestly, who doesn’t want a bonus! We have devised bonus plans to incentivize the instructors when they promote somebody through the process from an Apprentice 1 to a Painter 1. The instructor gets a $1,000 bonus.

We hope to have a new apprentice complete the learning path for A1 in their first 90 days. If they can’t graduate from the A1 job description in 90 days, they are not a good fit for our company. Once promoted to A2, an employee has another nine months to become a painter (P1). Therefore it’s one year from day one to becoming a painter (P1).

We have four planned wage increases for the employee during this time. We start them at $16 per hour, but the employee will earn $20 per hour and become a painter (P1) within one year. We expect them to reach P2 at the two-year mark, with two additional pay raises.

After that, the painter decides how far and fast they want to move up. We know it is not smart to promote somebody to a job leader just because they want it; sometimes, they have different motivations than we do. They may just want more money; they don’t necessarily want to do the job. Maybe the stress would be too much for them, so it’s best to ensure they’re capable for a few months in the position and do the job effectively before getting promoted.

Our training and learning structures are talked about constantly at Nolan Painting. We have a Training Committee that meets weekly and reviews one module each week. Each time we review one, we make some improvements. So it’s like painting a bridge; when you get to the end, you start over again.

Also, we never stop trying to improve, and this effort is part of that attitude. Do the same.

See you Monday. Build muscle.

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