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Structure: Build Muscle on Strong Bones – Part 7

Posted by Amy Lynch on March 30, 2023

There is life after meetings!

Non-meeting Structures that Support Organizational Muscle

 Meetings aren’t the only form of structure at Nolan Painting. Other healthy bones support learning, training, safety, and accountability.

We have added other structures to ensure that our folks are informed, involved, and aware of what’s happening in the company, as well as where they fit in. We have a monthly newsletter and a full-day orientation for new employees. There are also structures for training, safety, volunteering, and attending Nolan Adventures. Now let’s look at these non-meeting structures.

Structure for Training and Learning

I’ll begin with the structure that upholds our training and learning muscles because this is relevant to everyone, no matter what kind of organization you lead.

One of the great things we’ve been able to do is to teach someone how to paint in a short period. We have built two methods for training and learning. One is the learning path, and the other is leadership competencies.

These two structures, learning paths and leadership competencies, add so much stability and clarity to our company. Everybody knows:

  • the exact responsibilities and expectations of their current job.
  • how the chain of command works.
  • how to get promoted.
  • how much money they will earn at every stage.
  • how to earn pay-for-performance bonuses.

I’ll get into the details of learning paths in the next two posts. See you Monday. Build muscle.

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