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Structure: Build Muscle on Strong Bones – Part 11

Posted by Amy Lynch on April 13, 2023

Huddle Up

There’s safety training, but also, there’s awareness. Every day our teams do a huddle – a five-minute safety huddle – and it’s one of our key structures. The huddle is tabulated. If they all huddle on every job, every month, there’s a bonus paid.

So training and awareness are the natural aspects of a recognized safety program. There is enforcement, too. This is not fun to talk about, but the stakes are high, so it’s worth it. Remember, I want my people to get home safely at the end of each day. So, enforcement is a constant reminder of the rules and inspections to ensure they’re being followed so that employees are safe. Occasionally, somebody does not follow the rules. First, they’re warned, and then there is a formal write-up.

So, our safety is alive and well and built to last. We have monthly meetings and weekly reports to the whole company if there are any accidents: total transparency and a serious commitment from management. Every large company takes safety very seriously, and we’re no exception.  As we grow, we will continue to increase our emphasis on safety.

Please be serious about safety.

See you Monday. Build muscle.

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