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Company Culture: Vision, Mission & Values – Part 5

Posted by Amy Lynch on March 2, 2023
Nolan Painting Team

“We’re not happy unless you’re happy. We Promise!

I want to talk about our Promise, which is also written in stone at our company. We’re focusing on what is important to the customer here, but we live by it. We put the Nolan Painting Promise on the back of our business cards. It says we will start and finish on time. We’ll maintain a neat, clean project. We will handle all the details, stand behind our work, and pledge an assurance of high quality.

A key factor to the success of this Promise is this: Our employees are empowered to do, within reason, whatever it takes to make the customer happy.

I believe employees enjoy providing that kind of service, and our positive culture is not lost on our customers. But, if, for some reason, we fail to deliver on our Promise, we’ll make it right. Sometimes that means we’ll do it over. Sometimes that means we’ll give a discount, or we won’t charge the customer anything. Don’t get me wrong; if we deliver on our Promise, and the customer doesn’t want to pay or is unhappy, I’ll fight for what we deserve. But, if we dropped the ball and didn’t deliver on our Promise, or we didn’t meet the customer’s expectations, we don’t deserve to be paid.

I am not saying that you have to have the same exact promise. I include this to help you think about who you are as a business and what the non-negotiables are in your industry. Or, what sets you apart within your industry? For us, it is our Promise. What is it for you?

These items- Vision. Mission. Values. The Promise- make up our company’s backbone, and we are a strong company.

Build muscle. See you Monday.


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