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Company Culture: Vision, Mission & Values – Part 1

Posted by Amy Lynch on February 16, 2023

No one ever gets tired of breathing! 

Today I’m launching a new series on company culture. I know you’ve read, listened, written, and discussed this topic before! It is worth keeping it before us for as long as we are organizational leaders; we always need more and better! No one ever gets tired of breathing – it’s like that!

This is a people topic. Nolan Painting is a remarkable company because of its people. We have terrific people because we have a very clear vision, mission, and values; I hire people using the vision, mission, and values as a filter. Running a business is just communicating and explaining these three over and over again.

Vision. Mission. Values. Repeat. Vision. Mission. Values. Repeat. 

These three shape your company’s culture, and culture shapes everything: goals, decisions, hiring, how people treat each other, and organizational structure. As the leader, you want to design the company culture.

My brother Brian says, “If you’re not putting the culture in your organization, somebody else is.” So we try to ‘put the culture into Nolan Painting’ by causing our values to shape everything we do. We’re not perfect, but it works.

The strongest muscles in an organization are its Vision, Mission, and Values. When these three take shape and grow strong, they influence the entirety of the company. I know you always hear about these, but I need to tell you again because they are so important.

As you become a leader, it isn’t just about painting walls and doors anymore. It’s about spreading your organization’s vision, mission, and values. Again and again – just like breathing.

See you Monday. Build muscle.


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