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Cascading Leadership Series – Soak It All

Posted by Amy Lynch on December 14, 2023

Right! You thought we’d live and die in the Customer Focus Series, but here we are! A whole new series on Cascading Leadership! I can’t wait!

You know that I’m a runner. I gain lots of good things from running, and one is that I see more nature when I run on my own two feet than when I drive. Last month, I did a seven-mile run in Ricketts Glen, PA. The waterfalls in Ricketts Glen will take your breath away—wild, free-flowing waterfalls. Each of the falls cascades through rock-strewn ravines; the water and the spray soak everything all around as it falls. 

A cascade is a synonym for a waterfall. This is an excellent metaphor for what we’ll discuss in this Cascading Leadership series.

Cascading Leadership is leadership at all levels. It is the kind of leadership that soaks everything in its path with your vision and values. So, we’re talking about leadership at every level throughout the company.

At Nolan Painting, we look for everybody to be a leader. My job is to saturate (soak!) our people with our company’s vision, mission, values, customer satisfaction goals, and culture. It requires constant education, influence, and repetition to ensure that you have leadership at all levels.

I hope you’ll stay tuned for the next few weeks while we deep dive into this topic because Cascading Leadership builds muscle. That’s for sure. See you next time.

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