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Cascading Leadership Series – Org Chart = Clarity

Posted by Amy Lynch on January 18, 2024

A key tool for cascading leadership is a clear organizational chart. We maintain two organizational charts at Nolan Painting, one for the field staff and one for the office staff. 

Every Employee Must Know Who is Their Direct Supervisor

If you are unfamiliar with an organizational chart, it is a tree-like chart that shows the internal structure of any organization. Every position is represented by a box with one employee’s name inside. This chart is a visual representation of the company’s reporting structure. A solid line on the chart represents direct reports. 

Here are two examples of our office job charts:

Remember: The number one reason employees leave their company is that they don’t like their supervisor.

We train the job leads (the direct supervisors of apprentices) how to lead their people and their teams and care for their employees. It is beneficial to the work environment to clarify employee responsibilities and clearly define relationships between employees. 

Very simply, organizational charts show the hierarchy of employee relationships, make communication through the chain of command clear, and provide a career path for employees.

Everybody knows who they are leading, who is leading them, and how to move up in the company. 

THAT creates strong organizational muscle!

In the coming weeks, we’ll talk about how we evaluate employees and set them up to move on to greater responsibility, compensation, and possibly a better life.

See you next week. Build muscle!

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