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Build Organizational Muscle

Posted by Amy Lynch on January 2, 2023

“Dad, I’m going to keep painting.” 

When my dad asked me about my plans after college, that’s what I told him.

Dad said, “As long as you’re the best painter around, that’s a good thing.”

So that’s been my intention for the past 43 years — to grow the business, do the best possible job for my customers, and have happy employees who are treated well. All this put together means being the best in the industry; that is our primary goal. We’ve achieved that goal at Nolan Painting.

Painting people’s homes is what we do best. We provide an outstanding painting experience for our customers, delivered by our fantastic employees. Our company continues to grow year after year because our friendly, skilled painters do every job right and on time; most importantly, we stand behind our work. The secret of our success is ensuring our employees and customers are happy. I don’t think there’s a company out there that provides better customer service and employee satisfaction than Nolan Painting.

You can feel this way about your company, too. You can build a strong business that lasts, but you need to know some stuff to make it happen. That’s why this blog exists.

After more than four decades in business, it’s time for me to give back to folks who are just like I was in 1979 when I had that conversation with my dad.

Welcome to Organizational Muscle, The Blog!

I look forward to hosting this blog and kick-starting a conversation for everyone interested in advancing a business that lasts for the long haul. To make this happen, you need muscle in your organization. You require:

Organizational Muscle – All the stuff you need to build and grow a strong business that endures.

That is what we’ll be talking about here. On Thursday, I’ll get started with a series called Get the Hell Out of the Hourglass! This series will tackle the biggest obstacle to growing muscle. I’ll lay the groundwork to help you avoid the most-common-of-all-pitfalls and get you in position to build your business! After that, we’ll keep adding layers of muscle made of company culture, structure, planning, marketing, and a ton more. Thanks for joining! See you Thursday. Build muscle.

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